Spray & Sparkle Crafters Companion - Silver Glitter - 125 ml

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Crafters Companion


Klarlack med små glitterpartiklar och en satinmatt finish.
Sprayen ger dina alster en skimmrande glittrig finish samtidigt som den skyddar ytan och är helt syrafri och giftfri. 

Torktid cirka 30 minuter.

Förpackningen innehåller: 125 ml

Information från tillverkaren: We've combined a quality satin-finish varnish with ultra-fine glitter to create Spray and Sparkle with a gorgeous iridescent finish. This is a fabulous spray that will add a dazzling seal to your crafting projects!

Spray and Sparkle dispenses as a fine glittery mist which is completely acid free and non-toxic, so it's safe to use it with the kids and around the home. Use Spray and Sparkle to enhance finished projects or create your own encapsulated glitter backing paper/card sheets for use in your projects!

Also available in silver, gold and pearl diamond.

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